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January 28, 2008


Anne Johnson

Reading Bill Gates' remarks at Davos last week, there are strongly similar themes.




Reading this post I am delighted to know that you have already escaped from the writer's block that you mentioned in your first post about the Knowledge Society.

All what you express about Social Business Entrepreneurship is so clearly described that really amaze me.

In a couple of weeks I will have the enormous honour to share a dinner with you.
I am very honoured to welcome you.

I really hope that the dinner that we will have will be the greatest flow of ideas that I ever had.

I just would like to bring a subject to the table:

If all what we see are Systems, and system over systems; and the system behind all those systems is Oneself (Let’s say the People). Would it not be true that the reason for all that complexity is that the Oneself is the only system that is free to choose? To decide the value of a 1 and a 0?

Service Oriented Architecture for a Service Oriented Society.
Global Integrated Enterprise in a Global Integrated Economy.

Playing with those words I come to the following sentence:

Global Enterprise Architecture for a Service Oriented Economy in a Global Integrated Society.

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