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December 04, 2006



It reads well. Try submitting a resume that says, "I got my electrical engineering degree from online threads A B and C." Or "my phD dissertation can be found at http://myblog.com".

What the online community excels at is removing the need to attend expensive conferences and keeping the conversations started at some going. After that, where one is conducting business or fun in an open source environment, good online relationships lead to fast debugging.

But after working with several online communities over the last fifteen years, it acts mostly as the Sorting Hat in the Harry Potter movies by assigning contributors to their proper houses at the Internet Hogwarts.

Ken Krechmer

I note the lack of discussion about the need to teach the concepts of standards in a technical curriculum. Much of the interface between technology and society involves standards.

In an article in the NYT Dec. 3 Mr. Wladawsky-Berger raises the need to train technical people to design as example, a hospital management system. Again such a system is quite unworkable without standards which are often the longest lead time aspect of creating such a system.

Until the concepts of standards are better understood and taught the goals of this conference seem far away.

Ken Krechmer

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