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November 06, 2006



do you think in future IBM might do business through SL ? for instance : - provide courses/training in a virtual classroom (easier than bring people physically over), or give marketing demos, or teasers ?

Prokofy Neva

Hi, Irving, welcome to Second Life!

I think IBM is right to get in on the ground floor, so to speak, of the new 3-D Internet.

It's the right place to be to experiment, push the limits, see what you can do to make it better. I think you should just buy up 40 islands, frankly, which on the one hand would support this struggling California start-up, Linden Lab and make them not try to expand at such a breakneck speed, and also help them fix all the problems in this asset-server dominated world.

Given your knowledge of the history of the Internet and virtuality, I'd love to hear you ponder what you really think this world can do. So far, I distill from what you wrote that you think it can be a powerful data representation machine and a powerful socializing machine.

Since there are already cheaper and more effective machines for doing this (aren't there?), then...what is Second Life *for*, in your view?

That is, I'm not asking you to identify what this not-a-game does (I've been there for 2 years and know it's a "not-a-game" game lol). Rather, I'm asking you to think backwards.

Instead of saying, oh, wow here's this 3-d thingie that looks like it's going to be super for data representation (although it is weak on storage, transfer, ownership) and looks like it's going to be super on socializing (although it also breaks up RL marriages and causes property loss due to the socializing of griefers and wreckers, too)....

....imagine what it is that people DO need for actual "better" data representation and "better" socializing, identify what that core set of needs are, then ask...does SL do this? What needs to be done to make it do that? etc.

Also, I'd have to ask about IBM what I'd ask of any big entity coming into a community that it will displace, realizing that you aren't attempting to "represent IBM" on this blog or in SL per se.

Are you planning to get out into the world at all and patronize the thousands of small businesses there, or are they not on your radar and not useful to you?

Do you think there should be a corporate rate, individual rate, and educational rate for islands, given the huge 50 percent increase that will wipe out many small businesses, but be negligible for a big corporation?

Does a platform like Second Life even need small businesses and ordinary customers who aren't your customers when giant corporations could in fact replicate an old model, the company town, and provide everything from housing to entertainment for their RL and new SL customers?

Manuel Avalos

Irving, same as you I just recently joining second live(SL) as nick name Manny Kalok, it was very interesting experience starting with defining the look of your Avatar, so you can try to represent yourself as you are or perhaps change the image a little be as the way you want to be. I'm just starting and my next step is to get familiar with all functions, services and interaction this new world is offering, at the end besides the virtual social experience I'll be looking to learn something that I can apply from this virtual world to my 1st. Life.

Regards,,, Manuel

Kathy Mandelstein

My comment is a response to David. Yes we are looking at second life to do developer training events. My friend Jeff Barr at the Amazon Developer Program has already been doing them successfully. Stay tuned for a schedule of events in 2007 off of http://www.ibm.com/developerWorks


I've participated quite a bit on ActiveWorlds when that first was new, but I've never even heard about this one.

(-Perhaps it would be worth a try; as ActiveWorlds have deteriorated quite a bit since it's origins..)

Catherine Helzerman

Irving..Welcome to Second Life. My SL name is Hajia Engawa. Hope to see you online. :-)


Hi All:

Happy holidays and 'innovative' new year !

I recently had an interesting discussion about using 'Avatar concept' for SMB business client to help reachout to non-store-visiting customers. Thought, if we are able to create a 3D ( or 4D - adding time as a dimension) replication of store visit by customer - where SMB owner ( generally expert and passionalte about the business !) could address each virtual customer individually based on expert-program based logic that kick in realtime during the customer interaction - - a native conecept of 'avatar' per its original sanskrit defination ! ........thoughts about getting 'avatar' concept in business applications to enable a far reaching/quality-interactions to capture global customers ........thx jitu

Emergency Cash

Theres nothing wrong with a helping hand......


Second Life is a bit hyped up. Not a lot of people even play the game. It gets way more publicity than it deserves.

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