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November 13, 2006


Vera Dias

Thanks for brightly summarizing the salon in Mexico and for highlighting its best moments. I will share your blog URL with our GIO panelists and participants. I am quite sure they will also add their perspective here. I will also try to encourage them to create their own blogs as a way to keep the debate on the future of the enterprise and on the IP Market Place alive. Cheers. Vera

León Felipe Sánchez Ambía

It was a great experience to join you and the rest of experts at the GIO but most specially to have the opportunity to contribute in this innovative excersice conducted by IBM.

Just a decade ago it would've been unthinkable that IBM would encourage an open collaboration that involved their patents and inventions.

Forseeing as it has always been, IBM takes its place in the new IP era as a leader by encouraging new ways of improving not only an IP marketplace but the whole patent system.

I hope my contributions, small as they were, will help continue this process of building a fair, transparent and flexible IP marketplace and a new IP culture that is up to date with todays digital reallity while being interoperable with different countries situations and needs.

Thank you very much Irving. It's been a pleasure.

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