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August 14, 2006



This is an interesting post. Two comments :
1. Schumpeter considered destructive creation as the result of a real "human" process filled with affectivity, just like gambling is. This point is seldom mentionned about Schumpeter.
2. I read the Corporate Profile you link to. It strikes me how conventional the values are after such an enquiry. Client, innovation and respect are so common nowadays ; all companies put them forward. One of the reasons is that companies ignore their past to the benefit of a supposed dialogue with their employees of the present. It is a pity. I think the values of IBM, like any other firm, are in what has happened. The facts as you know, speak for themselves. Employees, often speak with ready-made, collectively produced ideas which are polluted by a lot of wishfull thinking. Corporate unconscious is in what the firm does not in what its employees say, hence the importance of the past and before all, its interpretation.


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