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January 16, 2006


Makio Yamazaki

For these 20 years, "Commoditization (products and services)" was urged under "Open Innovation" in IT market.
And also we shifted the organization of a company to divisions.
Clayton Christensen wrote "Open Innovation" and he pointed out the difficulties of creation,
"new business" in the enterprise installed already. Because "new business" might be adaptive
for the integrated organization. And altough we, our company have many divisions and moduled operations,
it is difficult to start a new enterprise.
That means "the organization of a company is not integrated.
Probably an organization also has to change when technology changes.
It would be necessary to understand what has occured now.
Blogging(communications & collaborations,networking) might bring the digital new culture and learning in digital age, I mean.

carolyn watters

Hi Irving
Thank you for your blog on our work with games for kids with health problems! I have put together a page of references to this work to make it easier if anyone is interested in following up.
We would welcome notes from others working in this exciting area.

John Toomey

Hi Irving,

I enjoyed your article on innovation written with John Patrick. May I have your permission to put a link to this article, and perhaps one also to your recent Hawaii speech (and maybe even this blog) on my website, which is DXPixelsite.com?

John Toomey

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