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May 16, 2005


Christopher Barger

Hi Irving - glad to see your blog up and running! Looking forward to seeing your insights and perspectives on our industry.


Jon Iwata

Irving, as much as you share with the world your thoughts about innovation, technology and their impact on business and society, I hope that you'll weigh in on films. For those of you who don't know Irving, he is passionate, informed and (highly) opinionated about movies, especially, it seems to me, about foreign films. Irving, maybe you should start with a post on Revenge of the Sith. You know you're going to see it, and I know you're going to have a strong opinion about it.

Amy Wohl

Irving, I'm delighted to see you join the world of blogging. I, too, hope you will add a personal note from time to time. Sometimes I think we are too serious.

I should remember that I'm not just a technology analyst but also a gourmet cook and cookbook collector and a movie fan (with a secret passion for cartoons!) I hope you'll share a personal aside from time to time, too.

your loving daughter

hi papa
at your request i now will read your blog. now all you have to do is take stupid internet quizzes and post the answers. really dumb ones ... like: "which era of post punk realism are you?" or "which lord of the rings character do you smell like?" oh yes. you'll be a regular in no time.

Sean Gresh

Irving, Welcome to the Blogosphere. As BusinessWeek pointed out a few weeks ago, blogging is helping to change the world -- as we are at IBM. I look forward to learning about your work and your thoughts about the solutions IBM is developing with others to solve the complex problems you alluded to. Best wishes, Sean Gresh

barbara burian's a long way from e-business (the orignal) to 'the blog.' did we ever imagine it would evolve to this.

regardless... I look forward to your comments. not only on technology and innovation, but on movies and, of course, baseball. how many of your blog correspondents know of your deep interst and pervasive (oops..) knowledge of this sport.

as always... a pleasure to interact with you.

Vincenzo Graziano

Dear Mr. Wladawsky-Berger

My name is Vincenzo Graziano, I am an international student attending an MSc in International Marketing at Sheffield Hallam University, South Yorkshire, UK. I was reading your blog and I found it very interesting. I am working on my dissertation which will be carried out with IBM UK.

Part of this research will investigate the role played by the practice of blogging in IBM marketing strategy. Have you seen Microsoft initiative to lure people into their blog space. It is on . It seems they are targeting the youngest e-fluentials segment which is also the most influential on the Internet. As far as you know, has IBM done something similar?. Also, it seems that many companies are using more and more viral marketing which can have something in common with blogging. Again, I received from a friend an advert by Microsoft. It was produced by a viral marketing agency Basically through the word-of-mouth now I know that Microsoft has lunched a new product ("One Note"). What is your opinion about viral marketing? Can it become, with blogging, an important element of IBM marketing strategy?
These seem all issues in which technology plays a strong part.

Some of the books I am reading are helping me find some answers. It would help me a lot receiving opinions from as many people as possible.
I thank you in advance for your help and look forward to reading your ideas, always on this blog.

P.S. I adore films, it would be interesting exchanging ideas about this topic too


Vincenzo Graziano

mobile: 0044 (0)7723928913

Claudia Kuzma

Dear Irving-it was a pleasure to meet you.

"Innovative thinking" is like a breath of fresh air to the world of information technology and business.

It takes 'imagination' to solve problems innovatively spurned by the need to survive in an increasingly global marketplace, and not only be competitive but collaborative-open minded.

The evolution of social systems virtualized through the networked based business model will allow for seamless communication across many former boundaries and barriers to foster collaboration. I believe that this will aid to transform and bridge the gap between integration of innovation across academia and business and help build the ‘innovative thinker skill-set.” All my best always, Claudia


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