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January 18, 2024


Ken Lawler

Fascinating look at the promise and peril of AI. Unfortunately, regulations to provide the proper guardrails around AI will lag market deployment. This isn't a problem when the technology is deployed ethically, but it will be a problem when it is not.

A simple start would be requiring that all AI-generated or augmented content be labeled as such, in a way that prevents the label being removed. This allows people to judge the value and provenance of that content for themselves.

A second step is to require AI generators to pay royalties for content they are using to either train their models or are quoting. We cannot let AI do further damage to news sources, for example. Those are already in decline due to content re-distribution by the likes of Google.


Love this summary and your insights on this topic.. I also believe that there is not discourse on how AI can be used as a force for good.

I believe that each leader (political or business) needs to learn about the power of the technology and think about how they can leverage it in service of the people they lead and serve (employees and customers) instead of thinking about it from a profit maximisation or cost optimisation perspective. This would allow them to let the proverbial golden goose keep giving them the golden egg, day after day..

Thanks for your insightful posts.. I've been an avid reader and wanted to thank you for sharing your insights with all of us. THANKS!!

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