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January 05, 2023


Stuart Young

Great article Irving Wladawsky-Berger. We first looked at #blockchain in 2012, which we were reliably told would revolutionise residential property transactions. As you highlight ‘the technologies are still too new and immature to replace existing good-enough solutions.’ How often have we seen this? Consumers are only really getting used to digital wallets just now and to ask them to consider blockchain as a solution is still one step too far. Your second point on the time to deploy is really important as many organisations are still grappling with existing technology, or within the residential property sector, lack of technology adoption amongst some stakeholder groups. They still need to catch up. Finally, on ‘complexity’ couldn’t agree more. The more complex the solution, the more time it takes to introduce and bed in and for organisations and people to embrace. Replacing good enough existing solutions is a major hurdle, plus the financial investment required.

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