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May 14, 2018


Rick Fuchs

I have found that there is another element often overlooked: execution. Major focus is placed on strategy, “vision”, etc., while very little serious thought is ever given to how to successfully execute that vision/strategy --- or, more precisely, that execution is “delegated down” into the organization morass where it withers and dies. This disconnect is what ultimately kills many organizations.

The importance of speed in the execution of said vision/strategy often becomes the primary success factor. The delegation of the execution part of that vision is what often kills speed, which ultimately leads the organization to miss the very opportunity that strategy was developed to address.

Case in point: I remember one senior executive tasked with realizing the vision of one of the Chairman’s initiatives being frustrated that no one at the “execution” level of the company was doing anything differently in support of a new corporate initiative. One day, in utter frustration, he finally exclaimed “This is the Chairman’s ##$$%%%@ initiative!!!”. At which point someone observed, at the execution level, “Nobody cares about the chairman’s initiative”.

The link between strategy/vision and execution cannot be ignored nor minimized.

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