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October 18, 2016


W. David Maimone

A little knowledge is...

From the Favaro article:
"Suddenly, Gates had his big idea: software interoperability across all makes of PCs. Around 1980, five years after Microsoft was founded, he changed his original strategy of selling software programs for microcomputers to licensing the MS-DOS operating system to the personal computing industry."

My understanding is that (at the time) both Bill Gate's mom and IBM's CEO were on the board of the United Way:
From wikipedia:
"the first woman to chair the national United Way’s executive committee where she served most notably with IBM's CEO, John Opel,... was appointed to the board of directors of the national United Way in 1980"
"MS-DOS resulted from a request in 1981 by IBM for an operating system to use in its IBM PC range of personal computers"

It is interesting to consider Bill's product vs DRDOS (Digital Research did CP/M but did not get the contract for the PC):
From wikipedia:
"IBM originally approached Digital Research, seeking an x86 version of CP/M. However, there were disagreements over the contract, and IBM withdrew"

I also understand that IBM thought the PC was a "toy" which is why they picked Intel's chip over the superior, e.g., flat address space, Motorola chip (and developed the PC in Boca).

W. David Maimone

I did not even mention the Windows play to win over DRDOS:
From "The Register":
"One of the claims by Caldera that Microsoft wanted dismissed concerned intentional incompatibilities between Windows and DR-DOS. David Cole and Phil Barrett exchanged emails on 30 September 1991: " "It's pretty clear we need to make sure Windows 3.1 only runs on top of MS DOS or an OEM version of it," and "The approach we will take is to detect dr 6 and refuse to load. The error message should be something like 'Invalid device driver interface.'" Microsoft had several methods of detecting and sabotaging the use of DR-DOS with Windows"

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