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March 28, 2016


David Matthew

Irving, what an accurate perspective, and so eloquent, as well. Thanks for this contribution to intelligent discourse at a time when "intelligent discourse" is an endangered species. The next logical step in the opening of the US to emigration over the years is the elevation of the economy as immigrants have families and consume homes, furniture, services and food. The cultural enrichment (yourself as a prime example) is an added, non-quantified, benefit far in excess of the GDP. Let us hope that the broad citizenry understands these reasonable assessments. Your essay gives me hope. Thank you.

Al Agin

An interesting description of U.S. immigration policy of the years is at http://goo.gl/Mm9l0x.
One nugget from it is that we struggled with whom and how to admit immigrants. There were policies. Some worked, some did not, some seem silly today. Overall, the regulations helped to insure the smooth integration of people into our society by requiring economic, educational, and social standards. Today, there are very few standards.

Dick Jacobson

The Nay Sayers are Loud! But, I know from my own experience Starting with 50 combat missions 15th Air Force WW2! And, right up to today on Facebook, they are wrong! America is the greatest country in the world and the poison politicks of the current Republican Party will not steer us of our course of achieving more.
Thank you for your insightful and remarkable journey that helps untangle the ridiculous chanting of a devastated political party!
Dick Jacobson

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