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February 09, 2016


Bud Byrd

I noticed that IBM fails to appear in the "platform or innovation and transactional platform" study categories. It seems that post-360, post-Watson era that IBM management has failed to keep the company apace the value-building technologies and services that now lead world commerce. Am I misinterpreting the study as it pertains to IBM performance over the past 50 years and what, from an outsider, seems to be its current strategic direction?

Zarina Lam Stanford

Most insightful and intriguing as always, Irving. In the platform economy and its ecosystem, who will arise to be pivotal in its role driving platform to the next stage? Developers or Consumers or both in an intertwined give and take dance? The empowered consumer drove much of the shift to platform and one may even debate that platforms exist today due to groundswell by consumers - FB, Uber, Alibaba...

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