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January 19, 2016


John Charles Thomas

All good advice at the end. I would say that other non-IT strategies need to be integrated in order for the overall impact. For example, if you really want your organization to do a good job with customer engagement, obviously insights derived from big data can help. But you also need to make sure that systems and processes are in place to train and reward people throughout the organization for really caring about customers.

Pete Elliot

Great discussion on the impact of the digital haves & have mores-And the future

Dennis Fletcher

This both encouraging and a strong endorsement of the work We've been doing at The Elliot Group to bring a deeper wareness of the promise of Digital Marketing to U.S.-based IT products and services providers. Getting out of the familiar box defined by the basics (FB/Twitter/LIn) and looking at advanced digital techniques embraced by the 'more haves' will help the rest of America to stay competitive.

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