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June 04, 2014


Peter Capek

I agree fully with Carr's observation about the surfeit of good material; my Tivo is bursting, accumulating good stuff faster than I can watch it, and Netflix only adds to the problem. I'm concerned that all this material is so attractive that it's taking over and leading to children who don't play with tactile toys or go outside, adults who don't read books or stay informed about the world, and teens who think their Facebook page is the only important thing. It's as though our technology (telephones, computers and tablets, communications, etc) have improved massively at a rate that outpaces civilization's ability to acclimate to it, and to use it sensibly, giving time for the side-effects and unintended consequences, to appear. In April, it was revealed that children are now in nursery school who spent so much time with tablets that they don't know to play with Legos. Common core deprecates cursive writing and focuses on keyboards from grade 2 up. Is this OK? I don't think we know, but we ought to try to find out, fast.

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