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June 18, 2014



Very nice Irving--particularly for busy execs on the run who can benefit from well written summary and interpretation. I am often disappointed in some old friends and colleagues in KM who desperately hold on to the notion that technology either isn't a factor, or is something that can be resisted. It is the single most important error that resulted in loss of credibility. Fortunately, some of the PhD programs at leading university programs responded to the criticism and have corrected their ship's course. Tom Davenport captured the phenom simply in a recent piece at CIOJ where he simply stated that those in KM were from liberal arts backgrounds versus engineering and science backgrounds in CS and analytics, making a point that the two world now must come together--a task I have been struggling with frankly for two decades. As difficult as it has been, I found it more productive to design and build a system that does so versus attempting to change deeply held beliefs reinforced by protectionism. -- KR, MM

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