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August 06, 2012


Ken Stockman

As a current IBMer, I'd like to rediscover that mojo that made large companies large. With history littered with examples of large organization innovation -- Lockheed Martin's skunk works, DARPA, etc. - what is the prescription for embedding innovation in every day operations? I truly believe the seed of every large, successful companies longevity still exists and just needs to be rediscovered and reborn. For IBM, Smarter Planet is that seed. What about other companies? How do they find their "Smarter Planet" strategy? I believe IBM reached beyond its core products and assets to find a kernel of truth that it could capitalize on just like it did with when it saw automation in the workplace as the advent of the information age. The task, I believe, for large companies, is to rediscover what made them large and successful and recreate that dynamic to sustain and grow in the next "age" of business.

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