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July 05, 2012


prof Frans van der Reep

10 years ago this blog would have impressed me.

Is it true, your statement? What do you really know about Syria, About Iran? What dor you really know about decision making in the financial world and whether are honest or not? What do you reaaly know about which innovation will be succesfull turned into commercially succesful first use?

I don't think the world is flat. What I think is it is all about transaction cost. Hierarchy is just too expensive as a tool to create collaboration and therefore we shift from control to connect to hyperconnect and that's the reason everyone becomes 'entrepreneur 'selling his gifts' assuming he knows his gifts.

From this development I am sure that the concept of company it self will change. Companies will become temporary projects where supertemps cooperate on a temporary basis like we know from films.

A number of trends is going on towards a partly connect future. Like back to the Middel Ages, From control to connect, and everyone a salesman.

The next step? Here is one:

If you want to know more about this stuff I refer to

Wolfgang Singer

I think that the Blog is very good and an honest effort of Irving to describe the current situation.
Your approach of "What do you really know about ..." could be used for almost everone's (also your) statements und just tries to disqualify other people.

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