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December 19, 2011


Bud Byrd

I am happy to hear that you are a Board member at ID3. I hope that you stand tall in helping the company (and the industry in general) in defining the principles for use of personal data. In my opinion, no one, using whatever software (search, data mining or other application) that might be available, should access, manipulate or otherwise use or avail themselves of what is personal, private data, without the explicit approval of the individual profiled / exposed within the data.

The fact that people have opened the door to their personal data by using electronic services (i.e., the Internet) is neither a legitimate excuse nor is it de facto permission for other people, business, government and/or law enforcement to traipse through what would otherwise be viewed as private. Capture and use of personal data from what was thought to be private transmissions is no different than tapping telephones, third party peruse of personal electronic messages, etc.

While it may be expeditious and efficient for businesses to use private, personal data to shape their products, services and marketing initiatives, it is morally wrong to dig through the digital droppings of private Internet searches, online shopping records, social network electronic conversations, or other binary residue of peoples' lives. It is wrong, no matter the higher purpose proclaimed.

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