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October 03, 2011



I sometimes wonder if trying to build organizations that last a long time is the right thing to do. Businesses have well documented lifespans and if we recognize that fact, like with people, we can plan for different stages of a company's life and adjust the mix of skills needed. Letting businesses die means you can create new businesses that aren't hampered by the legacy culture of their past. New enterprises are far more agile than old enterprises.


Seems like a really interesting conference!

I am working at a company where the founder probably stayed too long, leaving the company without leadership for several years. Which enabled parts of the company to develop their own strong positions and to influence the selection of a successor who will not orient the company towards the future.

So strong is the emotional attachment to past success!

Let's hope we can avoid becoming part of the bone pile!

Grace Wu

If an enterprise is formed by different generations of people, the enterprise should not be die. It means that the enterprise should perform with different generation's wisdom. People can pass away, but enterprise have the opportunity to contiune performing.

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