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July 25, 2011


Bud Byrd

I very much appreciate your viewpoint regarding work as a professional knowledge worker in the cloud environment. In many professions, the tools are readily available that allow the individual to perform the tasks necessary to be a valuable contributor to business, to public institutions and to society as a whole.

The limitations of your thesis are two-fold, I believe.

First, building your brand and finding a market for your services can be overwhelming for most, impossible for many. If you are not an industry or public figure with an established brand identity (or sub-identity from a position previously held in business, academia, government or other public institution) establishment of a personal brand is very difficult to do. With no brand or other recognizable notoriety, getting your name (and value) in front of decision makers is a tough task. Unknown entities get little opportunity to perform work. Rainmaking is a rough task for the novice practitioner. So building a brand image, marketing and selling is a major hurdle.

Second, a fall-back or support revenue and benefits package is a must. Working as a free-lance professional is akin to being a commission-only salesman. Without medical, dental, other benefits and a salary draw, it is not a role for the timid, the risk-averse, the person with family responsibilities.

Sandy Carter

Irving a very impactful set of insights -- in normal Irving Style. It is interesting how much the web and now social have impacted the way we work.

I do love the new Toyota commercials that show the difference in work styles. The young girl is upstairs with her facebook friends worried about her parents who were not "social" while her parents are out with their "in person" friends having a blast.

I love the way you have blended the two worlds together as I think that is what it takes today!

W. David Maimone

From Fortune Magazine, January 25, 1993
"Tom Peters suggests a movie production company as the new model: It brings together a group of highly skilled people to complete a focused project and then disbands."

The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.
Albert Einstein

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