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April 11, 2011


Richard Tapia

You did an outstanding job at the Tapia 2011 Conference. Your presentation was excellent and certainly one of my favorites. It showed great understanding of the big computer science challenge. We all thank you very much for your participation. The slides of your presentation,for all who want to view them , can be found at


I would like to clarify one point. Bryant York and Valerie Taylor actually started the Tapia Conference rather than I. It was started as a CDC (Coalition to Diversify Computing)activity under the umbrella of ACM. So Tapia is sponsored by CDC and ACM. Bryant York told me that he wanted to start a diversity in computing conference and wanted to name it after me. I first told him no , and that he should name it after an African American. He answered that he thought about that, but then concluded that he wanted the conference to target both African American and Hispanic American researchers and students in computing disciplines, and no one's name could do that better than mine. He wrote me such a beautiful letter that I immediately said yes, do it. I am glad that I did and am very proud that the Tapia Conference reflects the colors of the rainbow , with a particular emphasis on the underrepresented groups of black and brown.

Again, please accept my deepest gratitude for your talk and your participation. I know that Ken Kennedy would have been very pleased. You honored his memory and you honored yourself.
Richard (Tapia)

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