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July 19, 2010


Bryan Alexander

I appreciate your blogging, Irving. I haven't seen you in person since Innsbruck, nor been on a call with you, so this is the main way I find out what you're thinking about... and it's great. Always something thoughtful to learn from with each post.

All best from Vermont -

Tom Foremski

In some ways, I see your post-retirement life as being somewhat futuristic, in that it will be way many people will be working in the future. It's what I call an "atomc" model - collaborating with others on specific tasks/projects and then dissolving those collaborations as you work with others on different projects. In some ways, this is the way Hollywood has been working for decades. And it's also one that I increasingly see in Silicon Valley.

It's a model that increases individual productivity and also organizational productivity because you bring in consultants/experts for specific tasks. Why have them sitting around on salaries in-between projects?

You've retired from the old stle of working and you are now pioneering the new style of working :)

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