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November 02, 2009


Chris Ward

Your US tradition (and law) is that if you're born in America, you're a US Citizen, ranked equally with all other US Citizens.

I very nearly had a daughter who became a US Citizen that way by accident.

Long may it remain so. It causes diversity and renewal. That's good.

Paul Richard

Perhaps I have a simplistic view of the immigration process, but I've always thought that if the immigration process was simpler or non-existent, i.e. open boarder, then many of the problems would disappear. Most illegal immigrants come because America is the land of golden opportunity for them. If they could legally come and work and also return home without jeopardizing any future opportunities to work here, then many would do so. Any significant change to immigration policy would have a disruptive effect on the economy and on personal relations, but I bet that most would reach an equilibrium within six months to a year.

r4i software

Kinda the same that happened to Windows with Vista...
Seems interesting your point on Lou Dobbs, but it goes on further. CNN was mostly a Clintonesque/Carteresque network focused on a global perspective, probable due to it being born to compete against the highly local POV of CBS, NBC and ABC.

But things changed when Fox started the grothesque Fox News, which look more like Goebels level propaganda, than news coverage. It became an instrument of the Bush era, and gained audience with the disenfranchised "fly-over-country". (that is middle class, middle america).

Those areas were hard touched with the immigration problematic and most of them suffered a combined backlash that appear rooted on "illegal aliens" and outsourcing, when in fact was caused purely by internal greediness and maximization of profit by any means.

So CNN made the same mistake Microsoft did with Vista. Try to emulate the rival (which was more of a niche player) and forget its core brand values. In the end, the copycat was awful and the result was incompatible with what they have done in the past.

Now they are trying to recover lost ground. Lou Dobbs' apparently out and they are pushing this new programs to compete against newcomers like BBC News, Al Yasera, and more precisely, the Internet global phenomenon (Twitter, Blogs, Social Media, etc).

Let's see what happens and when it happens.

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