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October 12, 2009



Thanks for sharing that. Cortese is taking a productive approach but it'll be interesting to see how far he can get with it. Two constraints exist, de minimus, to start with:
1) this is an evolutionary problem for an existing ecology...you have to start where you're at and figure out to apply the right vectors to nudge it in a direction toward desirable states
2) HCIT, which I've spent some time investigating, needs enterprise apps, enterprise integration and B2B integration again to what we set out to do in 1995 with Network Centric Computing, which became e-Business. Since that's effectively stillborn, is a much simpler problem and HCIT more closely resembles the world of 1960 in terms of the penetration of applications and platforms you can see where the challenges might lie. Be happy to back that up with chapter and verse if you like.
Meanwhile on pt. #1 you might consider these preliminary takes on a "systems model" of the existing system: AsIs and Tobe:

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