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June 01, 2009


Michael Saunby

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

That so many had mental illness doesn't surprise me greatly. These men were expected to do well, to lead others - and perhaps that wasn't what they were really suited to. It seem that many senior managers, and politicians, will be divorced, overweight drunks.

I wonder how they would compare with those who became successful despite a less promising start to life? i.e. those who chose the life rather than inherited it.


it is interesting..


Thanks Irving.
I met you at Reilly's funeral. We sat at the same table. Your comments rang true to me. Good relationships and love are the very basis of mental health. And Riles loved you, you know that. Why else would he have hung out so long at IBM and written so many good speeches?

Eugene Lewis

Hi Irving,

I worked at the Comp Center as an operator on the 7094 Computer from 1962 - 1964. I worked for DR. Roothan and Bill Worley.

I remember all the student programmers in CB17.
Vince Kruskal, Dave Shuman, Danny Rosenfeld, Mike Nedelsky, Steve Mohl and many others. I met Vince on a plane ride to New York in 1969. I talked to Dave Shuman several Years ago, he lives in Barrington and was working for Shields Enterprise in Illinois.

Jesse Seymore still has a consulting firm. Serge Kunitzky passed away in 1997.

I left the university in 1965, and worked as a programmer until 1977. I was an Independent Consultant until I retired in 2000.

I still work from home in Chicago upgrading PC Hardware to keep me busy.

I am happy that you have had an outstanding career, and I wish you continued success.

I would like to hear from you.

Gene Lewis

Jony Wong

We changed our marketing direction quickly, so we keep the fast growth in last year. This make us happy. Of course this is only the result not the reason. For the reason, I think different companies have different reasons.

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