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May 04, 2009



A smarter enterprise for a smarter planet sounds like a great concept. How do we get from concept to implementations to actualities ? Sampling data thruout the enterprise is one thing - collecting, filtering, sorting and storing it yet another. But organizing it into structures and then making sure those structures align with, support and complement the business is a different thing; perhaps an order of magnitude more difficult imho.

Back in the day when e-Business was first being explored and conceived we split the Universe into B2C and B2B worlds. IN the B2C worlds we people talking to machines thru interfaces. In the B2B world we also needed machines talking seamlessly to machines within and between the enterprise (the extended enterprise). In addition to the information structures for each silo the other critical requirement we id'd was the ability to integrate intelligently across silos.

How do we get from smart to intelligent to integrated to resilient ? Who's working on that and what have they found ?

James Drogan

Of concern to me is whether the knowledge, skills, and experiences of the human component of the intelligent enterprise will be in place to take advantage of the omnipresent, interconnected technology.

One doesn't take a private pilot, licensed for the single engine prop plane, throw him into an F-16, and expect him to be successful.

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