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January 19, 2009


Tim Dempsey

I couldn't agree more... I wrote about this as well at about the same time.

Thrilled to see you are so active in the important areas the TIGR group is working on.

As always, best regards.

Juliette from Georgetown University

Great Blog on leadership and innovation! If I must add something to this already really rich blog would be to go more in detail in how leaders must help foster innovation in companies (for the purpose of a class on "The Culture of Innovation"). Two books then come in mind as far as leadership and innovation go. The first one is Judith Estrin's book "Closing the Innovation Gap" in which she considers leadership one of the most important part of innovation, it plays a key role in the "ecosystem" of innovation. When talking about the ecosystem, she says: :"Just as plants require water and sunlight if they are to grow, sustaining innovation requires the right leadership, funding, policy, education, and culture (Estrin 44)." I therefore agree that in time of crises, management must be replaced by leadership (more control is what we need, more regulation...if you know what I mean). The second book that treats the same topic of leadership is entitled "Innovation--The Missing Dimension" by Richard K. Lester and Michael J. Piore. In this book, the authors discuss the role of leaders in leading the innovation process and their concept of "interpretation" is very relevant to this blogpost. I strongly recommend reading the introduction of this book (if you haven't already done so).
Otherwise, I agree 100% with the qualities required to be a great leader and I believe that on another scale, our new President is proof of great leadership!

Tran Minh Thanh ( From Hanoi, Vietnam )

Mr Irving !

1) Will your written Article "Leadership in a Time of Crisis" be rewritten to be more crystalized, clearer ?

2) Mr Irving ! Many topics you write are very practical and meaningful in terms of business executte experiences. I read these articles weekly because not many business-tech leader like you could write down business practices easy to read, understand. And appliable

Sergiy Kadulin

Great blog, thank you!

Especially written on my birthday (Jan-19) :-)

I am in process with my MBA master thesis devoted to Business and Spirituality, and your thoughts resonate with my thinking.
I am also thinking about the critically important capability of leaders in crisis to be able to build emotional enterprise, which is far more difficult to replicate by competition than products and services.
And level of universe global awareness might be distinctive quality of leaders in the coming era. Those ones who will win.


Mr. Irving,
Im a big fan of your blogs. Beliving in a better recovered economy is in everyones mind. Everyone including myself must be remembered by telling us that good time are to come. "Tough Times Dont Last, Tough People Do" With this attitude everyone is going to get thru this depression. We always have to keep a POSITIVE attitude and never, never every give up. Here is a Positive article I wrote to look at. Keep in mind "We Cannot Manage What We Do Not Monitor".

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