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December 15, 2008



Wonderful post and some very important questions arise. The difference between now and any other time in history is computer enabled society.

The Ingenesist Project Has specified 3 web applications which if deployed to social media would allow human knowledge to become tangible outside the construct of the traditional corporations and inside social networks.

This is the one scenario that is missing from the modern narrative on sustainable enterprise.

Interesting article: http://www.ingenesist.com/general-info/that-pesky-little-problem-with-market-capitalism.html

And more on that site.

Thanks again for a great post!!


This is a great article of innovation especially the NY part. As a foreign tourist in NY, I was amazed by its collaboration of different culture and its leadership in financial industry. When I stood in front of the glass window of DOW and NASDAQ with my parents. My father said,"Look at these terrible masters(which control not only the USA stock market but also affect the world including my hometown Taiwan )" So I am also concerned about the innovation of NY not only my fantasy towards the Fifth Ave. but also the influence of the world economy.


This is a great post. It is interesting to hear from a New Yorker how New York City, arguably one of the most cutting edge cities in the world, is also in need of an innovation overhaul. It seems as though this topic will be explored very closely in the months and years to come. Taking into consideration that 80% of the world's population will be living in a major city in the coming decades, it will be interesting to observe the dynamics of creation of innovation. How will this massive population shift affect the way our societies are creating and sustaining new forms of knowledge?

Brenda Gonzalez Abagy - Georgetown University

In my opinion, New York has been the cultural hegemony of the last 50 years. Paris is trying hard to get back its role, but NYC's melting pot (as you refered) have been able to represent in a unique way the global culture. Therefore, besides business & technological innovation, I think NY needs to keep focusing in cultural innovation, design & fashion trends.
Tourism is very important too and it is more than urgent that the City improves the metro system. If you want to give a trendy image or look like a super technological city, you cannot have that metro.

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