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October 18, 2008


Chris Ward

Well, the schools are all full of Microsoft technology (to the exclusion of IBM technology), so maybe it's up to Microsoft to chip in. You know, putting commercial competition to one side for the 'national good'.

Maybe they're starting. http://phet.colorado.edu/index.php Physics Education Technology at University of Colarado has a very interesting name on its list of sponsors.

How to square 'outreach' with 'competition' ? Can we leave 'outreach' to the governments and universities, or do the corporations have to do it ?

And can Microsoft do 'outreach' without being split into separate Windows and Office corporations ?

Huge forces ... interesting times ...

antony satyadas

The core enablers will include cognition oriented architectures and 4D Web. And wisdom of crowds
While information explosion give lotsa data analytics can chew.on and social media brews new insights this emergence will drive situation awareness..
The danger is if the people dimension is not addressed and optimization ignores the opportunity to build trust and get more work done by doing less.


thanks ...

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