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September 15, 2008


Chris Ward

You might want to look at Tapping America's Potential http://tap2015.org/ , where a consortium of US corporations are expressing concern about the state of the American dream, and pondering what to do about it.

You might also be interested in IBIBLIO http://ibiblio.org/ , the self-proclaimed Center for the Public Domain, at University of North Carolina; they chronicle everything from Rosa Parkes and her episode on the bus, to today; and they look as if they're trying to do something practical about it.

We have much the same problems in the UK. It's debatable whether we understand and address them as well as some parts of the USA are doing. At least the US sees the problem.

Customers and Employees. That's a fairly narrow, but accurate, view of who a business can provide for. But it neglects "The next generation" and "The wider world" at its peril.


At the recent GDC, Paul Barnett was tapped to give a presentation/lecture on Warhammer, of which he was pretty vocally opposed to doing in the first place. You might recall from last year that it isn't his favorite place in the world. He then spent his time railing on flawed game design and designers in question. It was, to put a fine point on it, bizarre. Paul even had a PR handler because, and I quote him, "EA can get quite jumpy when I am out and about giving talks. They find my … candor... a little hard to take." He followed that up with a YouTube video trying to explain where things went... askew at the conference.
I still think Warhammer is way better then WoW but the numbers do not seem to show it. I wonder if it is because Warhammer does not seem to be advertised as much as Warcraft.
Warhammer Gold - Warhammer Gold

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