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April 21, 2008


James Seng

from someone who lead IBM thru several disruptive changes, I think you have the authority on innovations :-)

Makio Yamazaki

Tom Peter said, "Even if it were supposed that there would be the following tendencies,
the product that the additional value was high and the evidence that service
was overwhelmingly liked exist but a lot of companies fall into the experience-curve".


Very well said.

Could you elaborate more on the simple steps that management at all levels can take to encourage innovation, in your upcoming blogs?

I guess every manager could start with reading your blogs :)


I was a little surprised to read "The main reason innovation is so difficult to foster in a business, I believe, is the fear of rejection that people have to overcome when they are championing a new idea". I think the main reason is a lack of support, which is often a symptom of the organisations culture. I think your excellent blog post reflects this view more than your originally stated belief.

Karen Tipping

I am very interested in your blog Irving and am keen to learn more from you in this area. I am grappling with nurturing innovation at IBM in Australia and New Zealand.

Managers and employees are very often innovative without knowing/feeling like they are and I believe strongly that both rejection and lack of support contribute to the struggle.

As we know, majority of our innovation and new ideas will come from our employees and we need to encourage/support these to realisation.

We need to connect our talented people, find ways and time for them to get together - that diversity of thought will lead to innovation.

We are doing some work in Australia around how people connect and identifying who are key connectors who can assist us to join more dots to allow innovation to flourish. I look forward to the outcome and learnings we get from this.


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