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September 03, 2007


steven mandzik

Not only are these technologies enabling at the corporate or macro level, but they also provide benefits to individual workers.

They build communities and make us a part of knowledge network. The feeling of being alone in a new position or of researching alone may just disappear.

Also, they can allow us to specialize to an even further degree. Being a part of the community gives you the chance to focus on the specific part you find interesting, or perhaps learn more than you otherwise would have through previous processes.

Brook Reams

"Social networks" and "collaboration" are human phenomena linked to our emotional need for contact and interaction with "each other". Technology can reduce the barriers of time, space, language which inhibit the contact and increase the amount of information exchanged during the interactions.

I believe "information" and its movement is well within the realm of IT technology. And, more folks are getting comfortable with personally obtaining information they are interested in.

What's curious about this transition, is the impact on individual intellect. What happens to the intellect as more information is available to the individual without the service sector "middleman" (doctors, lawyers, accounts, etc.) acting as the broker and "interpreter"? The middleman not only controlled access to information, they provided "interpretation" of it in the context of the person's situation. So, the individual who cuts out the "services middleman" when accessing information, also cuts out the "informed interpretation" of how it applies to their current context. I think this implies that the individual has to grow their intellect to provide that interpretation -- which is often hard work.

BUT, again, IT can create the tools, people create the purpose for those tools. It will be interesting to see how people adapt their intellect to accomodate easy acces to diverse information.

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