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August 20, 2007



About the relationship between biology and system engineering, one interetsing reading is John Lovelock's GAIA Hypothesis...

Rafael Corrales

Irving -

Your posts must take a long time to write! Anyways, I enjoyed the "using biology as a metaphor" and it certainly does seem like we're approaching this Cambrian stage.

"Critics contend that no matter how big computers get, they can't become intelligent until we know how to emulate the brain's functions in software. Not so, retorts Inman Harvey, a mathematician turned roboticist at Britain's University of Sussex. By mimicking evolution, ''it's possible to create artificial brains without really understanding how they work,'' he says. In other words, they could evolve their own internal programming, just as human brains have." From an old BW article


It was really a nice reading for me. Thanks a ton.

Your using of biology as the metaphor was interesting and truly contextual.
Self-managable integration of the complex IT industry with the realms of business and society, i.e. 'Cambrian Explosion' -- seems to be the next big thing happening soon.

-- Tapan

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