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May 14, 2007


Padmanabha Rao

I followed the blog until the last paragraph. It seems to me that SOA (or any other paradigm) could set itself up for disappointments precisely because its conceptualisation comes easy to our mind. Isn't it true that the gap between what we can conceive of business/culture in the abstract in our heads and what can be accomplished by digital electronics is unbridgeable -and therefore a more realistic framing of SOA or SaaS etc would be in the best interests of the DT/IT/KT industry?


Martin Hromek

Just a minor comment: Isn't it true that modularity and interoperability are the necessary prerequisites for composability/orchestration?

Padmanabha Rao


It's not about modularity as much as about composability. Defining the module would still be binary.

The question is not whether one can compose a '4' out of four '1' modules or eight '0.5' modules. It's how do you ensure the composability of '4' by any of the various combinations (and perhaps permutations) of modules.

SOA is the mother of all concepts. Being On Demand requires hard work, much of it inside people, outside the realm of digital technology. SOA would be realistic to the extent it focuses on supporting the required development of that outside part, I think. The more SOA is expressed in terms of digital technology, the less it achieves by way of actual transformation.

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