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December 26, 2006



My Uncle is a Health care Professional in Stockton, CA. He would be particularly interested in reading this post. Although, with my limited knowledge in this field, what you wrote makes sense.

Joe Samagond

A very interesting read.

Joe S


This industry has always been trying new ways of managing the vast amounts of -important- information they produce. Legislation, litigation and efficiency (cost reduction related to the two first issues also) have been great drivers for the changes. Great lecture and really high level speakers.

Michael Zak

Thank you for an especially good item in your blog, which we highlighted in the NAM’s weekly Business Blog Roundup.


Michael Zak
Corporate Communications Specialist
National Association of Manufacturers

nurse line

I have always gone to Call a Nurse for all of my health concerns. Whenever I have a question I call Call a Nurse and they are always very polite and knowledgeable. It saves me allot of stress by calling them at anytime 24/7 with my problems.

health advocate

the baby boomer are really causing a problem for the health care insustry. babay boomers are all now at that age where they retire. Many of them cannot even do that. we need more nursing homes and hospitals to help the baby boomers.

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