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September 04, 2006


David Tebbutt

All fine observations but the Socratic question came slightly too late. You couldn't answer it fully because Tom had already beaten you to half the answer in the previous paragraph.

It is the two-wayness (and the unselfishness?) of it all that makes blogging different.

Websites can still be in the author's own voice but they remain websites without inward and outward linking and the opportunity for feedback.

No doubt there are people out there who will improve on this comment.

Alex Osterwalder

Irving, I think your own blog illustrates one of the most important evolutions that blogs have triggered: they give corporations a human face through the activity of their employee bloggers.

Until recently all corporate communications have gone through PR & marketing departments and have become unpersonal and boring PR stunts - nobody believes them anymore and nobody listens. They create a sterile and fake image of a company. Blogs on the other hand stay natural & personal and thus give a company a human face (or rather a number of human faces).

Blogs represent the windows of a company that allow insiders to look out and outsiders to peek inside. It helps outsiders get a better feel for what is going on and participate in some relationships with the company.

With blogs and wikis relationships between "insiders" and "outsiders" of a company are becoming more natural. However, few companies are ready to display their inner functioning because the reality could kill the fake image they've projected to the public. I believe a company that really knows how to harness blogs will see a threefold gain:

a) stronger customer relationships & loyalty
b) robuster brand stability
c) an increase in innovation

Just some thoughts from Switzerland, Alex

Makio Yamazaki

Thank you for your blog reflected the latest issues.
Thanks to the communication Technology,
the exchange of messages could be done easily in this way.
I loook forward to reading your blog regarding the innovation in the future.

Roy Schestowitz


It's nice to read some insights every now again. I subscribed after you had given a talk that I attended in Manchester.

Best wishes...


Blogging about blogging is important because there is so much potential in it ; it deserves being debated.
About the socratic question : it is interesting how a website is static whereas a blog is a "talking entity". As a consequence, websites are fit for collective institutions, blogs for individuals.
However, personal opinions often are illusions. One will soon become aware that institutions do talk, but only through individuals. An interesting perspective for the near future, regarding the relationship between corporations and individuals.
Thank you for addressing the issue.

Vince Cuares

I have always been fascniated with execs and how they think from a personal level. Blogs, such as yours, has certainly bridged that fascination.

As an ex-IBMer, I also share the same respect for my colleagues. Everyone in IBM are so busy these days that I applaud your effort to take the time off to write your thoughts.

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