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July 17, 2006


James Governor

thanks for the link. interesting: i was thinking some of my ibm readers might comment on my blog about how we work with ibm. nope. :-)


There is only one problem with a bottom up strategy, you know what comes out of the bottom. Client related innovation is more relevant simply because the statistical probability that clients will be a source will naturally be dictated by the strategy - i.e. what you focus on is what you generally get and if the strategy is to focus on clients, ipso facto that attention in itself will increase the chance that innovation will emerge from the client relationship rather than the bottom up approach.

This is not to discount the bottom up approach because the bottom is still a place of fertile possibility - it is simply how that idea fertility is converted or even recycled - ultimately this does not mean a bottom up approach but a brain up approach - it still takes people who know a good thing when they see it and who can relate it to the strategic direction of the company to turn creativity into innovation.


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