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November 03, 2005


Mike Canes


A face from the past, I was an Asst. Resident Head at the U. of Chicago when you were in the dorms. Someone gave me the URL for this story, and I was quite surprised to find it was you. I'm told that you are one of IBM's finest, very glad to hear of your success.

I agree with you about the energy challenge, much technical work remains to be done to reduce its cost, to make its sources cleaner and to see that it is more efficiently utilized.

However, I think it will be easier than say a moon shot because there are powerful economic incentives to do many of these things already. We do need government to lean towards cleaner sources, as these tend to be among the more expensive on a straight economic basis, but I expect investors (and inventors!) to direct capital and effort to achieving the needed breakthroughs without an organized national effort to do so.

In any case, it's nice to see your picture and to read what you have to say.

Many good wishes.


Makio Yamazaki


I agree with you.
Energy is the common resources of the earth and then we must consider the efficient utilizations not only at the present but in the future, I mean.

At once President Wilson said in 14 declarations, his saying "Underground resources are common properties to all human beings".

It may be our duties that we now have to consider an idea to build an oil international control mechanism in an Middle Eastern regions based on the words, "underground resources are all human beings."

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