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October 06, 2005



haha careful man, youre likely to incur the wrath of many a-blogger when saying that the MSM is factchecked & objective and bloggers aint. Fox News = objective? :/


Irving, excellent post (yours and the other views on the Hipertextual and mexican blogs) i was wondering.. do we have to wait until you get to Buenos Aires some time? ;)

Juan Freire

Thanks for sharing with us your thoughts and experience. Reading yours and Mexican bloggers' posts about your Mexican trip, we could get a good idea of the meetings and of the probable IBM strategy for the near future (at least in part; i seems that IBM has understood that blogs will be key in the near future but they are now exploring why and how).

More important from my point of view is your (yorself and IBM) interest in Latinamerica. Your position and your Spanish past and linguistic abilities could make you a key bridge-blogger: helping to expand innovative approaches in the south and allowing Latinamerican projects to be known in the north. Latinamerica is an opportunity for the US and Europe, not only as a source of clients, also as partners to develop new ideas and technologies.

Enhorabuena por su blog.

Ian Thomas


Interesting issues. I think the thing that struck a chord with me most was your feeling that by re-entering into dialogue in another language you somehow were able to make linkages or express ideas that weren't apparent in English. I have had a similar experience through learning my native language (Welsh) as an adult. I find now that there are certain concepts that I can express in one language but not the other. There's actually quite a lot of stressing about bilingualism in Wales as we try to save our language from extinction and one of the many good reasons that is given for encouraging parents to consider a Welsh education is the fact that bilingual people have a wider range of concepts than those who are monolingual. At the present time, though, much of the argument is cultural rather than business related but I feel from my own experience (now reinforced by your post) that those people (or nations) that foster multi-lingual people will have an edge in terms of innovation (through their ability to see more linkages). Perhaps that's a threat to the economies of the English speaking world who tend to be quite lazy in this respect?

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Salvador Vera

URL for "Mesa redonda sobre Blogs: Innovators Tour IBM" is broken.

Atul Khekade

Dear Mr. Irving Wladawsky-Berger,

It was great to read about your innovation tour of mexico.

We are arranging an Innovation Trip to america from 12-18th November 2006 and our participants are leading industrialists from countries like India, mexico and colombia.

Here is the website : www.innovationtrip.com

Let me know your thoughts on the innovation trip and let me know if you would like to get involved with us in any way

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