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June 25, 2005


Bill Higgins

Just out of curiosity, did you like the previous two Star Wars prequels ("The Phantom Menace" and "Attack of the Clones") and how do you think the new one compared to them?

Any thoughts on the prequel trilogy (1-3) vs. the original trilogy (4-6)?

PS - I don't know if you caught it but the American Film Institute gave George Lucas a lifetime achievement award for his movies. It was broadcast on USA Networks. Some parts were very funny, some parts were very cheesey. Looks like they're showing it one more time tomorrow (see below) if you want to rev up the Tivo to catch it.


Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Bill, I liked Revenge of the Sith better than Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones. But, I did not think that those two earlier "prequels" were as bad as most of the reviews they got.

I think that the real problem is that we are comparing today's versions of Star Wars to the original trilogy. Nothing remotely like the original Star Wars in 1977 had ever been done. It was incredible. It really changed movies in a huge way. The prequels, especially "Sith" are good, the special effects blow your mind, but . . . we are so used to great special effects that we are blase about them. In 1977, it was all really fresh and original.

stephen o'grady

Like any serious baseball fan, I carry around with me memories of all the great performances I've seen over the years - pitchers especially, because I'm more interested in that than offense.

And I have to say that in all the years I've watched baseball, the best game I've ever seen pitched - bar none - was the 17K game that Pedro had against the Yankees in '99. Apart from one hit - a home run to center by Chili Davis - it was like Pedro was pitching to Little Leaguers. I've never seen anyone so utterly dominate a team since.

Pedro may not be the biggest guy, and definitely won't have the longest career, but there's no one I'd rather pay to watch. I was disappointed he left Boston, but wish him the best. Enjoy him while he's a Met, b/c he's about the best we'll see.

Margaret O'Connell

Boy do I miss Pedro. He came to Boston and left us after accomplishing what he said he'd do when he first arrived = win it all.

I'll love Pedro forever. Go Mets! (but only through the pennant ;-))


hahah that was a good blog. pedro's not very highly regarded by bostonians anymore ... everytime i'm at work i see the street vendors selling anti-pedro shirts now along side the more explicit anti a-rod and jeter ones.
i still need to see the new star wars. since you want to see it again, maybe we'll go this weekend ?

Martin LaMonica

I know i'm having a good day when i get to read IWB blogs on autonomic computing, programming UIs, AND Pedro Martinez!

As a Sox fan, I miss him, too, as much for his athleticism as his swagger. Perhaps he needed the limelight of New York. Buena suerte, Pedro!

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