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June 14, 2005


Otto Wyss

"Humanize" is the right word and the Cell processor might be a good opportunity start doing it. Humanizing also means making something easier for the user and that's exactly what I try to achieve with wyoGuide ( http://wyoguide.sf.net ) and wyoDesktop ( http://wyodesktop.sf.net ).

While wyoGuide shows "How to build well-designed applications" it also shows "How to do it cross-platform", so these humanized applications not only run on Windows/Intel but also on the PowerPC. IMO the Power.org is well advised to look into wyoGuide even if they don't care much about humanize. But do they recognize what wyoGuide means for them, how they could profit from it?

wyoDesktop is on another level, it's a dream, a vision of a easy usable free desktop system, albeit a vision with a sound realization plan. Yet again the Cell processor would be an ideal partner for such a project, but does the Power.org have enough courage to size this opportunity? Does the Power.org have enough vision to see the value of wyoDesktop even if it's in a rather early state?

To sell a car it needs more than just a superb engine, it also needs a nice form, comfortable seats, a easy wheel and understandable instruments. The Cell is just the engine while wyoDesktop is a plan to build this engine into a full exceptional car and wyoGuide takes care that this car can be driven by drivers of any country.

The question is now, does the Power.org wants to sell engines or does it wants to sell cars? Keep in mind I don't mean cars like the Ford T-model (as is the current software state of the art), I mean an up-to-date Ferrari.

Nigel Beck

Otto - you make a good point that humanizing technologies requires collaborative innovation in the underlying user interface technologies. The "superb engine" in fact becomes an additional motivator for the "nice form, comfortable seats", etc - the nicer/better/more suited one piece of the stack is, the more glaring the issues with the others.

As far as power.org the organization goes - think of it as like eclipse.org (for example) in that the organization itself has nothing really to sell... Its a community of different companies and individuals figuring out which areas they need to collaborate in. As yet, the community is pretty young so we don't yet have the part of the power.org site that facilitates this, but it should be up shortly. If you're willing to forbear until it is, I'd suggest resurrecting this thread in that forum when its live... There have been a lot of thoughts along this line, and I for one at least haven't been aware of wyoGuide and wyoDesktop. There is sure to be a lot of interest.

Otto Wyss

Hi Nigel, it's nice to hear that there is interest. It would be perfect if this fine computer Ferrari one day can be bought in a shop by anybody and used without requiring to be a formel-one pilot but just a normal driver. I think most needed parts are available today and only need to be put together in a orderly fashion. But this putting together is a rather huge work (split into many different tasks) and will need quite some time, time we all probably have least. Still I think with my 2 projects I've a good base and I have a reasonable realistic plan in mind how this could be made real.

I know the Power.org is young and first has to set up the facilities but there are some time lines ahead which shouldn't be missed. The first date is the O'Reilly European Open Source Convention (October 17-20, 2005 - Amsterdam, http://conferences.oreillynet.com/eurooscon/ ) where I try to talk about wyoGuide. See, regardless how good wyoGuide is, it only will be successful if others know it and of course use it. So the first step is to make wyoGuide known to a broad audience and this is IMO best possible by talking at conferences.

My plan to make this all real is based on a full chain of steps and after each step the plan can be reevaluated and readjusted or even dropped completely. But the first step is the O'Reilly conference and this step has to be clear about now.

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