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May 25, 2005



Irving, there is less and less software engineers in this country because jobs moving to india and china. students there are also better educated than in US
what do you say about this process?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Emerging regions like China and India are "hungrier" and more aggresive in pursuing science and technlogy than the US and other developed countries. In general, this is very good for the world, because it will tend to raise the standard of living in these countries, make them more stable politically, more integrated into the world community, and turn them also into consumers of the products and services that the US and other countries produce. After all, this was the objective and achievement of the Marshall Plan after WW2.

What should the US do? We must accelerate our investments in research and education, so our productivity and standard of living do not fall behind as that of China, India and other emerging economies rise. Are we doing enough today? No, not at all. We must do a lot more, as was pointed out in the NII recommendations I cited in the blog.

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