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November 29, 2010


Chris Ward

I agree with all you say, but it's very hard in practice.

The function of business is to compete. Think of the Microsoft Office salesman, and the Lotus Notes salesman. A customer is hardly going to buy into both office productivity solutions; and it's the job of a good fraction of the 400,000 IBM employees around the planet to give the Lotus Notes salesman the best pitch. I assume it's similar, but the other way around, in the Microsoft camp.

But that isn't really the function of government. It may be the function of a Democrat president to compete with the loyally-opposing Republicans on the question of who is to be the next President; but fundamentally the function of the US government is to ensure the continuity of the United States of America.

And that's a completely different aim than the private 'commercial squabbles over money and customers' that the Oracles, Hewlett-Packards, Microsofts, Apples, and IBMs of this world are engaged in.

Do tell us more, as and when you can.

Sam Palmisano for President ? An interesting thought.

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