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May 22, 2006



Congrats Irving, your posts are always very insightful.


Michael Kenward

You know that someone has run out of things to say when they start blogging about blogging.

Journalists talk about journalism when they meet. They do not, thank God, write about it all the time.

At least you think about writing before you put electrons to screen. I'll let you into a secret, that's how real journalists work.

Stick to writing about innovation. Thanks for the insights into the GIO. Much more useful than yet more blogroll.


Please keep up the good work. I find your blogs (intentional or not) to strike an interesting balance between technology and sociology, that are enjoyable to read.

Ben Casnocha

"But, I don't know what it is I can say about them that has not been said so much better by the many film experts out there who have written books and articles or who teach courses on these great directors."

Irving, I have enjoyed your blog. But this attitude doesn't embrace one form of the blog spirit! If you want this to be a truly professional blog then this would be true. Yet the most interesting, engaging, stimulating blogs are those which show the personal voice. We're all amateurs. You don't think about innovation all day; neither do your readers.


I'm planning to start blogging and that was some valuable insight to one of my favourite blogger. Thanks.

Alex Osterwalder

Thanks, Irving, for your regular quality postings. I read your weekly blogposts with great interest! Cheers from Lausanne, Switzerland, Alex

Stephen Perelgut

I am another fan of this blog and, while I admit to missing the comments on baseball and movies, I appreciate the focus on important issues.

Including, Michael Kenward's comment aside, the necessary introspection as we all try to understand this new form of communication. Some of the greatest writing in the past was focused on the art of writing. And, taking Michael's poorly chosen example, sometimes journalists have to cover the most uncomfortable story - of how they report on the news and such as examining what biases might be showing up.

This posting was not only appropriate but it was also informative and somewhat prescriptive. I know that my reason for not blogging regularly is lack of time and clearly that's not acceptable - it's really a lack of a disciplines approach.

So. Thanks!

steve ryan

I enjoy your blog immensely. I regularly visit only 3 blogs at the moment (though I search for more constantly), and yours is by far my favourite. I'd encourage the longer style postings - I am certainly not in favour of the short format, attention grabbing, tabloid-emulating style. I think the main reason I like your blog is the in-depth explanations that allow you to communicate your ideas fully. I experience the ideas you express as fully crystallised substantial concepts, challenging my own 'mental model' of the world. By comparison, reading headline-grabbing short bites is too shallow, leaving me unsatisfied - and not likely to return. Your long-form is, quite simply, effective in communicating to me and keeping my attention. I presume it is the same for others. I appreciate it.

James  Governor

interesting that you say your read a few blogs in preparation, yet you don't tend to be that "linky". i would love to see more of your "sourcecode".

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

I appreciate all the comments around this post. Blogging is still so relatively new that I find there is a lot of interest out there in learning more about it. I have participated in several panels with other bloggers, and we got asked lots of different kinds of questions. That is why, from time to time, I like to be introspective as to what blogging is all about and in particular, what it means to me personally.

I also appreciate the advice not to view the blogs as "professional" writing where I need to be an expert on the subjects I write about, and instead to feel free to offer personal views on whatever subjects I am interested in.

Again, thanks to all for taking the time to write comments.

James  Governor

maybe if you had a blogroll, so people would know what sources you find interesting. i know you have cited john patrick a few times, but i'd be interested to know who is on your must read list...

Barry Baker

I enjoy your blog entries for the topics that you cover and the detail with which you cover them. One topic that is of interest to me that spans both the technical and unfortunately the political is "network neutrality" and I wonder what your thoughts are on this topic.


I regularly come on this blog since the begining, always with pleasure.
I am always impressed by the numerous links you are doing between technologies, business and society. (are you Dr Asimov's son ? ).I am not yet at the same level ;-) despite I work on it.
Maybe you could ask some questions in your post in order to let us train our mind to think of our professionel subjects with more stand back.
Anyway thanks Irving.

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