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September 03, 2014



It is interesting that most writing on jobs and automation tend to look at this as all or nothing. Why can't technology and automation replace part of our workday and part of our jobs? With enough population, why can't it simply reduce how much we have to work?

John Quiggin, author of Zombie Economics and professor of economics of Queensland Univ. pondered on what happened to Keynes' concept of the 15-hr work week (http://bit.ly/161UlKc):

"Writing at a time of deep economic depression, Keynes argued that technological progress offered the path to a bright future. In the long run, he said, humanity could solve the economic problem of scarcity and do away with the need to work in order to live."

Our models for work seem to be fixated on existing models of 40+ hours a week or (closer to 50-70hrs more likely for knowledge worker). This is something we do to ourselves.


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