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July 02, 2014



I started warning about that backlash since 1996. My forecasts on technology and ventures proved far more accurate than apathy quotient and social behavior. I now think any such backlash if it were to manifest would build up until the point of an Arab Spring rather than a consumer boycott. Hopefully my peers in venturing will learn more global leadership skills, a bit less sociopath, and embrace more of the Ford philosophy. I thought John Hagel did a fairly good job in response to this debate, which I found embarrassing, primarily for Harvard. Cheers, MM http://edgeperspectives.typepad.com/edge_perspectives/2014/06/the-disruption-debate.html


Dear Irving. Thank you for a thoughtful reflection on the Article by Jill Lepore. Such a balanced view was missing in the debate started by her article.

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