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October 17, 2011


Jim Spohrer

Two points worth emphasizing:
(1) "Looking at business from the point of view of service activities applies to all sectors of the economy."
(2) "Zysman discussed a spectrum of service activities. At one end are those activities that can be fully automated using IT systems and networks... At the other end are irreducible service activities that can only be provided by humans either because they require social skills and judgement that only human can offer...

Also related is Brian Arthur's McKinsey Quarterly Essay on "The Second Economy" http://www.santafe.edu/news/item/mckinsey-arthur-digitization-second-economy/

gregorio martin

Irving and Jim:

I would like to promote (specially from Europe point of view) a debate about one of the most importants points present in the paper "The second economy": The impact on the jobs.
Do you agree?.

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