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January 25, 2010


Chris Ward

The Cubans have put together an open-source Linux-based operating system ; there's a YouTube video of it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTXIzaxfox4 .

Now, I have no idea whether the US Government would treat imports of this from Cuba like imports of Havana Cigars (wait until Castro leaves power and then we will think about it ...), and/or whether the US Governments permits US corporations such as Microsoft to export their products (Windows and Office) from the continental USA for sale in Cuba.

And anyway, Linux isn't really a product. It doesn't have those two things you need for a product, namely a price and a warranty. It's a kit of parts that you might be able to build a product out of, if you invest some effort.

But I do see that the Internet makes a bit of a mockery of these kind of restrictions; if indeed they are restrictions. Are they current, or are they obsolete ?

You can get most consumer stuff on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/ , globally. And they're as all-American stars-and-stripes as they come. The Business of America is Business, and we're looking good for the future.

Simon Griffiths

There's a far more recent example of change than Spain in the 1970s - South Africa in the 1990s. SA has good relations with Cuba - maybe there's a chance of one helping the other

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