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November 17, 2008


Chris Ward

I seem to recall that IBM does business in every country in the world except Myannmar (Burma). Not sure if the exception is for practical commercial reasons, or is by way of making a statement about governance there.

And IBM has a history of being agnostic as to which party rules in the USA; will not contribute corporate dollars to any campaign, but will allow individual employees to contribute their own dollars as they choose.

So corporately, it looks like 'a view from outside the immediate problems'.

The USA is fortunate to have a long liberal university tradition ; here is http://ibiblio.org/ at UNC, making available piles of 'public' material at no charge to all who will take it. Will the US education system use it to educate the next generation ? Will the UK system use it ? The winners will be those who do use all the resources they can get hold of, to build on. Whose job is it to give permission for deployment of all of UNC IBIBLIO's material in their school ?

I expect the corporations ... the IBMs, Microsofts, ATTs, etc. have 'internal' libraries ... actually I know IBM does ... which can be deployed for the benefit of their customers. Just ask your salesman. Try IBM Global Technology Services if you don't know which one to ask for.

That's on top of the 'public' stuff. Times are going to get interesting as it all gets deployed and distributed.

We can't necessarily unite. If IBM and Microsoft unite, the cure will be worse than the disease. Some of us are destined to compete.

On with the next. And think global !


thanks mm

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